The World Para Reining Championship Saddle Series is looking for a sponsors and a new name. WPR is looking for title sponsors to help this series make dreams come true for riders throughout the world.

More about this event:

  • World championship title
  • Championship saddle
  • Top 10 world championship titles
  • Awards through 10th place
  • Championship series designed by its riders—for the inclusion of all riders


  1. All riders MUST be members of WPR to be eligible for points and awards.

  2. Riders must choose 3 WPR approved shows per year to submit to WPR by the “show designation” deadline for inclusion towards points and awards.

  3. All points will be counted using the WPR Point Scale.

  4. The “show designation” deadline will be November 15, 2015, with prizes to be awarded December, 2015.

  5. Riders are NOT limited to competition in their country of citizenship.  They may compete in any country offering WPR approved competition and designate those shows for points.

  6. Host shows will be responsible for submission of all riders judge-signed placing cards to WPR.

  7. Shows may be Co-Approved with AQHA, NRHA, or may be stand-alone WPR approved classes to count toward the Championship.

  8. All shows/ classes will need to have submitted the “WPR Event Approval” form available on the WPR website.

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a title sponsor for this show, please contact us today!